Import the trial balance from a CSV or Excel file

If the accounting software package you have is not supported by any of our import utilities, you can export your client data to a CSV (comma-separated value) file and then perform the import using this file. The format of the file can be either Excel or .csv.

After you complete the import, you can reimport the trial balance data at any point in time by going to the Data page, and selecting Import, then one of the available options:

  • Reimport Trial Balance - Select this method to reimport the data with the original import method that you used. For example, if you previously used Xero to import the trial balance data, the Xero import method displays when you attempt a reimport.

  • Reimport from different source - Select this method to reimport the data with a different import method. For example, if you previously used Xero, but now want to import the trial balance data from a CSV file.

When you reimport the data, accounts from the new data are matched to the old data using the account name and number. Balances for matching accounts are overwritten with the new data. Accounts that only exist in the old data and not the new data are deleted.

Note: If you reimport the data from a different source and there are accounts in the existing data that are not in the new data, the balance of these existing accounts is set to 0.

Note: In engagement files created from carry forward, account balances from prior years are not overwritten or deleted by the new data from reimport.

To import client data from Excel/CSV file:

  1. Go to the Data page and select Import from the left navigation panel.

  2. Select Excel or CSV from the available options.

  3. If planning balances are enabled in your product and your engagement has an annual reporting period, choose whether you are importing a Final Trial Balance or a Planning Trial Balance and then select NEXT.

    If you select Planning Trial Balance, enter a date for the balance before selecting NEXT.

  4. In the import dialog, use one of the following methods to import the trial balance:

    • drag and drop an Excel or a CSV file into the upload area in the gray dashed box.
    • browse for a file on your local device.
    • select the file from the engagement if you have already uploaded it.

    The upload dialog for Excel and CSV files.

  5. Map the columns in the import file by choosing the field that best matches the data from the Import as drop-down menu. If you don't want to import a column, select Do not import to exclude it.

    Mapping columns using import data.

  6. Select Include zero-balance accounts if you want to include zero balance accounts in the import.

    The Include zero-balance accounts checkbox.

  7. Select Import.

  8. Your imported client data populates in the Accounts and group views in the Data page.