Move entities between business units

If your firm is utilizing business units, you can move entities between business units to organize them based on characteristics such as business type or region. Before you start, ensure you have the Entity Access role or equivalent rights in the entities.


  • You can only store entities in one business unit at a time and should not duplicate them across multiple business units.
  • You cannot partially move associated entities; move associated entities either individually or all together.
  • You cannot move entities where association sharing is enabled. Disable association sharing before attempting the move.

To move client entities:

  1. From the Cloud menu (), select Entities.

  2. In the list of entities, select the applicable entities to move.

  3. On the entity details pane, select More Actions () | Move.

  4. In the dialog that displays, select the destination business unit from the drop-down menu. If required, ensure the option to move the entities' security settings is selected.

  5. Select Move.

The entities are flagged to move and the moving process will begin. Note that depending on the size of the entities, this process may take some time. If the entities or any of the contained engagements failed to move, an error will display in the entity details pane under Move Details. Once resolved, you can retry the move.