What's new - CasewareCloud Time 25.0

Here is a listing of what's new for version 25.0 of CasewareCloud Time.

The Billing report

Determine your staff's productivity with the new Billing analysis report. The report displays an Effective Rate for each staff member, which takes into account both their billing amount and their write up/down amount. By comparing a staff member's effective rate with their billing rate, you can determine where the most value is being added.

The Billing Detail report sorted by staff member.

To learn more, see Tracking productivity and profitability.

Simplified workflow for inactive entities

You can now make entities with unbilled or non-billable entries inactive.

The Cannot Make Entity Inactive dialog.

Import time and expense entries in bulk

You can now import time and expense entries from a CSV file, making it easier to transfer entries from other systems to Cloud.

The Import Time and Expense Entries dialog.

To learn more, see Import time and expense entries using a CSV file.

General improvements

  • Fixed an issue where integrated firms could not submit more than 15 time entries at once.