Post tax adjustments

If you need to make adjustments for tax purposes, you can post a tax adjusting entry using the Adjustments page or the Trial Balance page. You can post entries to accounts or groups and can include a description of the entry and an annotation.

To post a tax adjustment using the Trial Balance page, see Post adjustments to the trial balance.

To post a tax adjustment using the Adjustments page:

  1. Go to the Adjustments page.

  2. Select +Adjustment.

    A confirmation message displays. Select Proceed once you read and acknowledge that once you add adjustments in your engagement, you can't change the reporting period.

  3. Enter the Adjustment Number.

    Note: The application automatically increments the adjustment number.

  4. Choose a tax adjustment Type.

    Note: The available adjustment types are based on your product setup.

  5. Enter a description for the adjustment.

  6. Under Details, select + Account line to post the adjusting entry to an account, or select + Group line to post it to a grouping.

  7. Select an account or a grouping and enter the adjustment amount.

    If you are making an adjustment to a group in a consolidated file, you must select the entity to apply the adjustment to.

  8. Select + Account line or + Group line to add another account or grouping to balance the adjustment.

    Post a tax adjustment

  9. Select Save.

Tax adjustments are displayed in the trial balance. Go to the Trial Balance page to view the tax adjustment you added in the Adjustments column.

Trial Balance page