Generate the Reply URL (ADFS)

ADFS uses a Reply URL to redirect users back to Cloud after they've signed in.

To generate a Reply URL in Cloud:

  1. Ensure you have the Settings Admin role or equivalent permissions.

  2. From the Cloud menu (), select Settings | Single Sign-On | Identity Provider.

  3. On the Identity Provider page, complete the following fields:

    • Identity provider name: Enter a meaningful name for your identity provider. For example, ADFS. This name will be displayed next to your Reply URL to identify it.

      Note: This name cannot exceed 32 characters and can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, plus and minus signs.

    • Identity provider metadata endpoint: Enter your metadata endpoint using the following format:

      Replace with your ADFS hostname.

    • Client ID: Paste the Client Identifier that you copied to a text document previously.

    • Client secret: Paste the Client Secret that you copied to a text document previously.

    The Single Sign-On settings page.

  4. Select Save. Your Reply URL displays.

    Important: Select the Copy to Clipboard () icon and paste the Reply URL to a text document for later use. Label it Reply URL.

    Use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy your reply URL.

Set your Reply URL in ADFS

After you generate a Reply URL, you'll need to add it to ADFS to ensure that users can sign in successfully.

To set your Reply URL in ADFS:

  1. In the ADFS Administration Console, click the Application Groups folder, then double-click your new application group.

  2. In the Properties dialog, double-click the Server application.

  3. In the Server application Properties dialog, clear the contents of the Redirect URI field, then paste the Reply URL that you copied to a text document previously. Click Add, then click OK.

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