Account details described

When importing general ledger transactions from a CSV or Excel file, you must map the fields, so the transactions data display properly in the engagement.

This topic describes the fields within the ACCOUNT DETAILS category that appear in the General ledger dataset..

Note that some fields are mandatory for specific data analytics tests to function properly. To learn more see, Mandatory fields for data analytics.

Account Identifier (account_id)

An identifier or the account the entry has been recorded in.
Examples "1001" or "Bank Account 1".


  • Must be tagged for all transaction-related features to function.
  • Associating trial balance with transaction information.
  • Trial balance drill down into transactions.
  • In all AnalyticsAI tests - All tests require Account Identifier.


  • Less than 5,000 unique values.
  • Matches with imported trial balance accounts.

Main Account Description (account_main_description)

An identifier description for the account group the entry has been recorded in.
Examples: "Cash", "Property, plant and equipment".


Visual text description for accounts.

Entered By (entered_by)

User ID for person creating the entry.


In these AnalyticsAI tests:

  • Same User Entering and Approving
  • Unusual Users

Entered Date (entered_date)

Actual date/time entry was posted (validated) to the general ledger - provided automatically by system - does not necessarily correspond with the date when the entry was posted to the GL.


In the Unusual Times AnalyticsAI test.


Date format must be properly set:

  • Day
    • D - one digit for days below 10 (e.g., 2)
    • DD - two digits (e.g., 02)
    • DDD - day of the year (e.g., 365)
    • DDDD - three digit day of the year (e.g., 002)
  • Month
    • M - one digit for months below 10 (e.g., 4)
    • MM - two digits (e.g., 04)
    • MMM - three letter abbreviation (e.g., Apr)
    • MMMM - no abbreviation (e.g., April)
  • Year
    • YY - two digits (e.g., 19)
    • YYYY - four digits (e.g., 2019)
  • Time
    • H HH - Hours (24 hour time) (e.g., 0..23)
    • h hh - Hours (12 hour time used with a A) (e.g., 1..12)
    • k kk - Hours (24 hour time from 1 to 24) (e.g., 1..24)
    • a A - Post or ante meridiem (Note the single characters "a" and "p" are also considered valid) (e.g., am pm)
    • m mm - Minutes (e.g., 0..59)
    • s ss - Seconds (e.g., 0..59)
    • S SS SSS ... SSSSSSSSS - Fractional seconds (e.g., 0..999999999)
    • Z ZZ - Offset from UTC as +-HH:mm, +-HHmm, or Z (e.g., +12:00)

Entry Responsible Person (entry_responsible_person)

User ID for person approving the entry.


In the Same User Entering and Approving AnalyticsAI test.