Review the PBC Request document

Content in this topic requires Caseware PBC.

A query is an interactive smart document that consists of the following components:

  • Query questions - The requests and inquiries that clients need to respond to.

  • Question sets - To group related query questions.

  • Response types - To specify the expected user response. The following table describes the available response types:

    Response type

    Expected user response


    Enter the requested information.


    Select one item from the drop-down list.

    Multi Picklist

    Select one or more items from the drop-down list.

    File Upload

    Browse and add a requested file (or drag the file).

    Note: The maximum upload size is 500 MB per file. For a secure file exchange, the system prevents upload of suspicious files, such as: .com, .bat, .exe, .cmd, .sh, .dll, .so, .o, .deb, .msi, .rpm, .ko, .sys, .php, .py, .vbs, .js, .app.


    Select a date from the calendar.

    Simple Electronic Signature

    Choose whether to sign the document manually or accept it electronically.

    Note that:

    • If clients accept the document electronically, a signature log is generated and available for download.

    • If necessary, users can delete and replace the document before they accept the client's response.

    • When the document is replaced, the signature log is deleted. A new log is generated when clients accept the new document.

    • The log includes the following information:

      • Query question details

      • Signer name and email

      • Signer location (if the clients have chosen to enable location access)

      • Signer IP Address

      • Signature date

      • Document name

      • Document MD5 hash

  • Instructions - To provide guidance information for the clients. For example, add the supported file types for a document request.

Once you complete the Client Optimization checklist, the Documents page includes one of the following query documents:

  • 100-10 PBC Request - Interim Fieldwork
  • 101 PBC Request - General Information
  • 102 PBC Request - Tax
  • 103 PBC Request - EBP

Your next step is to review the document before you send it to the client contacts. As you review, you can make modifications to the document, such as:

  • Add instructions to guide your clients on how to respond to the document.

  • Add dates for some of the questions.

    Add the dates where appropriate in each query question.

  • Change the order of the questions.

  • Hide an existing question.

    Hide a question in the query.

  • Add a question set and add one or more questions to it.

  • Modify the settings for a specific question. For example, change the existing response type from File Upload to Text.

    Query question settings.

    To learn more, see Review and customize query question settings.