Control identification

If you have identified potential controls, add them in the engagement file.

To create a control:

  1. Select the Control icon () from the toolbar and select Control. The New Control dialog displays.

  2. Enter a Title for the control and a Brief Description.

    Create a new control.

  3. Select the applicable Cycle and the relevant assertion.

  4. Select the Type of control you have identified.

  5. Select Save.

B350 Control report compiles all created controls in one report. You can also use it to add details to each control.

To edit the control report:

  1. Select a control to open it.

    The control card has 4 main sections that can be used for documentation.

    • Identification.

    • Attributes.

    • Design and implementation.

    • Operating effectiveness evaluation.

    Edit the control report.

  2. Open a section to document the control.

    Each control can be documented, linked to specific risks or annotated for additional information.