Manage the firm template

A new engagement is created based on a template. Templates are created and managed by authors.

Firm authors are staff members with the Settings Admin role or similar which allows them to customize the default product content to meet specific firm needs. For example, add the firm logo. To learn more about roles, see Built-in roles and Assign security roles.

Firm customizations include adding content and modifying or suppressing the default content.

Concepts and workflow

Before you begin, review the concepts and workflow of template management.

  • Product template - the template that contains the default content for your product.

  • Draft - the template you're currently customizing for your firm (the work in progress template).

  • Archived template - an archived template is automatically created when a draft is published. To maintain a record of all previously used templates, archived templates cannot be deleted.

  • Firm template - the most recently published template (the template that's currently used by your firm to create engagements).

The following figure shows the general workflow for managing the firm template.

If you don't have a firm template, you need to create a draft, make your firm customizations, then review and publish.

If you already have a firm template, you can:

If you're not satisfied with the draft you're working on, you can delete the draft and either: