Create an Issuance Transform rule (ADFS)

Create an Issuance Transform rule to map LDAP attributes to outgoing claims.

To create an Issuance Transform rule:

  1. In the ADFS Administration Console, click the Application Groups folder, then double-click your new application group.

  2. In the Properties dialog, double-click the Web API application.

  3. In the Web API Properties dialog, click the Issuance Transform Rules tab, then click Add Rule.

  4. Click the Claim rule template drop-down and select Send LDAP Attributes as Claims. Click Next.

  5. Enter a claim rule name, then click the Attribute store drop-down and select Active Directory.

  6. Complete the Mapping of LDAP attribute to outgoing claim types table as follows:

    LDAP Attribute Outgoing Claim Type
    E-Mail-Addresses email
    Given-Name given_name
    Surname family_name
  7. Click Finish to complete the configuration.

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