Add Author IDs

Working Papers (WP) users can automatically pull files uploaded in query documents and save them in designated folder locations in the WP file.

To support this integration, you need to add internal identifiers in your query document - known as Author IDs.

Note: You can only add an author ID if you are customizing the firm template. To access the firm template, you must have the Settings Admin role or similar. See Manage the firm template for more information.

Here is a brief description of the workflow:

  1. Set an Author ID value for one or more responses.

  2. Working Papers authors must use the same ID when setting up a location in WP to receive files from a query document.

  3. Once a file is uploaded and accepted in the query document, WP users can click the Receive button to automatically pull the file to its designated location in the Document Manager.

Note: You must collaborate with WP authors to decide where to add the Author IDs. You must also share the Author IDs with WP authors so they can perform the necessary setup in the WP template.

To add an Author ID:

  1. Select Edit ().

  2. Go to the query you want to add an Author ID to one or more of its responses.

  3. Select More actions () | Settings.

  4. Enter an Author ID for one or more responses.

    Author ID field.

Tip: You can also generate an author ID automatically by selecting the Add () icon that displays in the Author ID field once you select it.

  1. Share the Author IDs with the Working Papers (WP) authors so they can perform the necessary setup in the WP template. For more information, see Working with Queries.