Collaborate with clients

This topic applies to Caseware PBC Requests.

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You can add comments or notes related to the question or the response to explain what's missing or confusing in the information the contacts provided, if needed.

To add a comment:

  1. Go the question where you want to add comments or notes.

  2. Enter your comment in the Comment field below the question.

Contacts and staff can add comments as needed. Notice how user initials, date and timestamp of all interactions display in the Comment field.

If necessary, you can select More actions () and then Edit or Delete to edit or delete your comments. Timestamps for edited and deleted comments display in the Comments area. The term Deleted displays for a deleted comment along with the timestamp.

Hinweis: Information indicating that a comment is edited or deleted is only available to staff members and does not display to contacts.

You can edit and delete comments from the More actions menu.

The Comments area also displays the query question history. The query question history includes the timestamp and username for the following actions:

  • Query is sent to the contact

  • Contact responds to the question

  • Contact marks the question as responded

  • Response is accepted

  • Response is rejected

The query question history.

If you want to view only the query question history in the Comments area, you can select More actions () | Hide comments at the top of the page.