Customize system-generated emails

You can customize your firm's system-generated emails, such as the new users welcome email message and email notifications sent to staff and contacts.

To customize system-generated emails:

  1. Ensure you have the Settings Admin role or equivalent privileges.

  2. From the Cloud menu (), select Settings.

  3. Select Email | Settings.

  4. Customize the following settings as required:

    Option Description
    Email Display Name The display name included in all system-generated emails.
    New User Welcome Message The New User Welcome Message is included in the onboarding email sent to new staff and contacts. The message can contain up to 256 characters.
    Signature The email signature included in all system-generated emails.
    Banner Image Select the checkbox to include your organization's logo as a banner in all system-generated emails. To learn more about customizing your organization's logo, see Add custom branding to Caseware Cloud
    Days to Store Email

    Note: This setting is only available to users with the Admin role.

    The option enables the email log, a searchable list of sent emails. To enable the email log, select Forever (to store emails indefinitely) or Specify (to store emails for the number of days you select). To view your email log, select Settings | Email | Email Log.

    Detailed Notification Include detailed information in email notifications for Staff and Contacts. Detailed information can include file names, user names, and communications related to the content.
  5. Select Save.