Manage access for Caseware Cloud apps

During initial setup, if your firm has purchased licenses on a per user basis, staff members will be automatically assigned to available apps in Cloud. If necessary, firm administrators can manually reassign app access for groups or individual users. In most cases, enabling apps for groups is the most efficient way to manage access. When you enable an app for a group, each member of that group inherits a license for that app. For example, you can enable an app for the All Staff group, immediately giving every member access to that app. You still need a license for each group member.

You can also manage app access and permissions on an individual basis. You might do this if you want to enable certain apps for a single user. For example, if your organization hires consultants, you might want to grant them access to some apps, while restricting their access to others.

Note: You can only reassign staff once. If you assign staff incorrectly and require assistance with reassignment, contact our Support team.

Before you get started, ensure you have the Staff Admin role to enable access for staff members or staff groups. To enable an app for a contact or contact group, ensure you have the Entities Admin role.

Enable access to a Caseware Cloud app

You can enable access to a Caseware Cloud app for an individual user or group.

To enable app access for a user or group:

  1. From the Cloud menu () icon, select Groups, Staff, or Contacts.

  2. Select the user or group you want to enable the app for, then select the Edit () icon.

    Select Edit on a user or group to access their settings

  3. Select Apps, then choose the appropriate permissions.

    Apps selected and the permissions listed.

  4. Select Save.

After the app is enabled, users must refresh Cloud in their browser to make the new app visible in the Cloud menu.

Remove access to a Caseware Cloud app

If staff members were automatically assigned to a Caseware Cloud app, you’ll have to manually unassign users before assigning the correct users to the app.

To remove app access for automatically assigned staff:

  1. In Cloud, go to the menu () icon and select Groups.

  2. From the Name column, select the group you want to remove access for.

    If you want to remove access for all staff members before reassigning access to the correct users, select All Staff.

  3. Select the Edit () icon.

  4. Select Apps, then deselect your app.

    Disable an app from the Edit All Staff dialog.

  5. Select Save.