Migrate small data sets (under 50 files)

You can set up much of your Cloud environment by migrating existing engagement data or manually creating new data directly from the Cloud interface. This migration method is recommended for smaller or new data sets.


Upload entities to Cloud

Entities are workspaces that store all the relevant information for a particular client, including business and contact information, documents and engagement files. You can upload a list of entities to Cloud using a .csv file.

You can view all of the entities in your Cloud site by clicking Entities on the Cloud menu.

Upload staff to Cloud

You can upload a list of your staff members from a .csv file or data store export file to get them started with their very own Cloud account. Note that each staff member added to Cloud will receive a registration email from donotreply@casewarecloud.com. We suggest whitelisting this email address to prevent your spam filters from blocking the email.

You can view all of the staff and groups in your Cloud site by clicking Staff and Groups on the Cloud menu.

Migrate engagement files to Cloud

Migrate your engagement files to Cloud to take advantage of Cloud's file management and engagement tracking tools. You can upload your prior year files directly from the Cloud interface and publish your active files to Cloud from Working Papers. After the migration, each file on Cloud functions as the parent in a synchronization hierarchy.

If the migration process is interrupted at any time, it will automatically resume after re-establishing a connection.