Modify or add a response type to a question

You can add more than one response types for a query question. For Picklist or Multi Picklist response types, you can also modify the response options in the lists.

To add a response types to a query question:

  1. Go to the question, then select More actions () | Settings.

  2. Select +Response to add a different response type.

  3. Enter the placeholder text.

  4. This is the default text that appears in the response field before the user enters or selects a response.

  5. Select a response type.

  6. The following types are available:

Response type



An input text field where users can enter a text response.


A drop-down list where users can select one response from a list of responses. You can customize the list of responses to meet your needs. The default responses are Yes, No, and Not applicable.


A drop-down box where users can select multiple responses from a list of responses. The default responses include Yes, No, and Not applicable.

File Upload

A file upload box where users can browse and add a file or drag and drop the file. You can also specify a destination for the uploaded file.

Note: The maximum upload size is 500 MB per file. For a secure file exchange, the system prevents upload of suspicious files, such as: .com, .bat, .exe, .cmd, .sh, .dll, .so, .o, .deb, .msi, .rpm, .ko, .sys, .php, .py, .vbs, .js, .app.


A date picker field with an inline calendar icon where users can select a date.

Simple Electronic Signature

Note: This response type is only available if it is enabled in your Cloud app.

A file upload box where you can upload a document for clients to review. Contacts can choose whether to sign manually or select Accept electronically to accept the document. Note that,

  • If clients accept the document electronically, a signature log is generated and available for download.

  • If necessary, users can delete and replace the document before they accept the client's response.

  • When the document is replaced, the signature log is deleted. A new log is generated when clients accept the new document.

  • The log includes the following information:

    • Query question details

    • Signer name and email

    • Signer location (if the clients have chosen to enable location access)

    • Signer IP Address

    • Signature date

    • Document name

    • Document MD5 hash

  1. If you add a Picklist response type or a Multi-Picklist response type, specify the response options.

Response type


Picklist and Multi-Picklist

Select the Edit icon () to modify the response options for lists. The following settings are available:

  • Edit the existing options in the text fields or select Delete () to remove the response from the list.
  • Select + Option to add a new option to the list.
  • Select Other to add a text input field where users can enter a text response within the drop-down list.
  • Select Display inline to display the responses next to each other in the procedure rather than in a drop-down list.

You can use the arrow up () and arrow down () to rearrange the order of appearance of the response options.

Once you're done, select the Checkmark () to save your changes.

Note: You can reuse the responses you've added to this question in other questions in the query document.

  1. Once you're done, select Save.

To modify an existing response type from a query question:

  1. Go to the question, then select More actions () | Settings.

  2. Select Delete () to remove the current response type.

  3. Add one or more response types.