Subledger details described

When importing general ledger transactions from a CSV or Excel file, you must map the fields, so the transaction data display properly in the engagement.

This topic describes the fields within the SUBLEDGER DETAILS category that appear in the General ledger dataset.

Note that some fields are mandatory for specific data analytics tests to function properly. To learn more see, Mandatory fields for data analytics.

Identifier Type (identifier_type)

Identification type for data within the subledger.


  • Less than 2,500 unique values. These values must be tagged to one of:
    • CU - Customers
    • PE - Prepaid Expenses
    • SU - Suppliers
    • EM - Employees
    • IA - Investment Assets
    • OT - Other
    • CA - Capital Assets (Fixed Assets)
    • IN - Inventory
    • DL - Debt Liabilities

Identifier Code (identifier_code)

Identifying code for data within the subledger.
Example: customer number, vendor number, employee number.
Examples: "C123", "V6589", "6597".


If the identifier type is tagged, this must also be tagged.

Identifier Description (identifier_description)

Name associated with identifier code.
Examples: "ABC Customer Ltd.", "DEF Purchase Inc.", "Sally Jones".

Identifier Active (identifier_active)

Indicates whether the identifier code is active or inactive.

Identifier Street (identifier_street)

Identifier's street - line 1.
Examples: "123 Anywhere Street", "Anywhere 26".

Identifier Street 2 (identifier_address_street2)

Address detail for identifier address - line 2.
Examples: "Suite 1100", "Unit 002B"

Identifier City (identifier_city)

City where the identifier is located in.
Examples: "Toronto", "Los Angeles".

Identifier State or Province (identifier_state_or_province)

State or province where the identifier is located in.
Examples: "Ontario", "California".

Identifier Zip or Postal Code (identifier_zip_or_postal_code)

Zip or postal code where the identifier is located.
Examples: "94704", "M5A 0L6".

Identifier Country (identifier_country)

Country (code) where the identifier is located.

Document Number (document_number)

Identifier associated with the source document. This is the document that supports the transaction entered into the ERP.
Examples: "PO4569" for purchase order, "7956" for cheque.

Document Apply to Number (document_Apply_To_Number)

Document number associated with the source document used to offset debits and credits. Used to calculate open balance when payment, advance, credit/debit note not fully applied, this permits calculation of the open item.
Examples: "INV-001", "121296".