Create billing codes for invoices

Deze functie is alleen beschikbaar bij gebruik van CaseWareCloud Time, een onderdeel van het CaseWare Cloud-pakket.

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Cloud comes with a set of predefined billing codes for work provided by your organization: GEN (General accounting), MGM (Management consulting) and TAX (Tax prep). You also have the option to add new billing codes. For example, if your organization performs audit work, you may want to add a specific billing code (such as AUD).

To add a billing code:

  1. U heeft de rol Beheerder instellingen nodig of vergelijkbare machtigingen

  2. Klik op Instellingen in het Cloudmenu.

  3. Select Time and then, in the Invoice section, select Billing Codes.

    Billing Codes in the Invoice options

  4. Klik op Nieuw.

  5. Vul de velden in. The Billing Code field is required.

  6. Select Save to add the new billing code.

Let op: The Note field is intended for use within your organization, and will be omitted when you generate an invoice or a report.

You have created a new billing code. You will be able to add it to new invoices you create, or by editing pre-existing invoices. To see a list of all of your organization's billing codes, select Settings | Time | Billing Codes.