Add an analysis section in the financial statements

You can add an analysis section in the financial statements to include a visual representation of the data through tables, graphs and charts.

To add an Analysis section:

  1. Locate where you want to add the analysis section.

  2. You can add an analysis section in an area or a note or a note heading.

  3. Go to the left side of the page and select Add ().

  4. Choose Analysis from the list of content types.

  5. A list of the available tables, charts and graphs display.

  6. Note: Items in this list differ based on your product setup.

  7. Select the desired figure to add it in the analysis section.

  8. Note: The data displayed in the analysis section reflects the balances in the financial statements not the trial balance. Financial statements balances can include overridden values and adjustments.

You can make a few modifications to the figures to customize the look of the section and data presentation.

To customize charts, graphs and tables:

  1. At the Select Graph drop-down, choose the figures you want to include in the section.

  2. Tip: You can also close a figure () to have it removed from the section.

  3. Use the preliminary/final switch () to select whether you want to view preliminary or final data in the figures.

  4. Select the Full size icon () to display the figure in a full size across the section.

  5. Select the Edit icon () in the figure's title bar, then select the Add icon () to add an item to the chart. Select an item from the displayed list to add it to the figure.

  6. Select Edit documentation comments… to display a text box where you can add comments.

  7. In tables, select the COLUMNS button to specify the columns you want to display in a specific table.

If you want to reset a figure to its original state, select the Reset to default icon ().

Customize charts, tables and graphs.