What is Caseware Sherlock?

Caseware Sherlock is pioneering accounting practice intelligence for firms globally. It’s a powerful, secure, cloud-based business intelligence platform with a sleek user interface. Sherlock automatically gathers and stores data from your firm’s current and historic Caseware engagements, and offers a flexible path to turn this big data into actionable practice-wide insights in near real-time through advanced analytics and data visualizations. Now you can monitor practice health, manage risks better, identify growth avenues and become the trusted strategic advisor for your clients with this new gateway to limitless possibilities.

How does it work?

Sherlock automatically and continuously data mines all engagements that reside within the Caseware ecosystem. Engagement data is extracted, transformed, organized and stored in the Sherlock data lake, enabling practice-wide engagement analysis. Firms can access and query their engagement data to drive business decisions, both for their practice as well as for their clients.

The Caseware Sherlock platform consists of three primary solutions: Sherlock Reader, Sherlock Builder and Sherlock API. Together these products provide a firm-wide solution usable by staff of various roles.

Sherlock Reader

Sherlock Reader enables staff to present key engagement data from client entities in easy-to-use visualizations. You can leverage the data in these visualizations to gain insights into your clients' financials, help you manage your own practice, open new revenue opportunities with advisory services, and more. Visualizations are available from your Caseware distributor, or custom designed by your firm author using Sherlock Builder.

Learn how to get started with Sherlock Reader.

Sherlock Builder

Sherlock Builder is a data visualization tool that consumes Working Papers engagement data and enables firm authors to develop customized templates.

Sherlock Builder consists of three components:

  • Analyses are customizable templates for visualizations. You can share an analysis with other Sherlock Builder users to collaborate on its development.
  • Visualizations are the read-only versions of analyses that Sherlock Reader users share with clients.
  • Datasets contain the collective data that populates an analysis. The datasets in Sherlock Builder are preloaded and cannot be modified. Datasets refresh daily.

Learn how to get started with Sherlock Builder. (MyCaseware credentials and a Sherlock Builder license required)

Sherlock API

Sherlock API enables your firm to access key engagement data for analysis and visualization.

To get started with Sherlock API, firms must first publish their files from Working Papers to their Cloud site for data extraction. Extractions occur nightly to minimize any interference with your day-to-day activities. Any files already published to the Cloud will be extracted and data will be available to download through the API.

What you need

  • Caseware firm
  • Caseware Sherlock license from my.caseware.com
  • Working Papers files published to Caseware Cloud

Learn how to get started with Sherlock API. (MyCaseware credentials and a Sherlock API license required)