Additional details described

When importing general ledger transactions from a CSV or Excel file, you must map the fields, so the transactions data display properly in the engagement.

This topic describes the fields within the ADDITIONAL DETAILS category that appear in the General ledger dataset..

Note that some fields are mandatory for specific data analytics tests to function properly. To learn more see, Mandatory fields for data analytics.

Line Number (line_number)

Identifier that is unique to each line of an entry. Identifier is auto generated if it was not tagged.


  • If tagged, this is used as the transaction line identifier.
  • If line number is not tagged, each transaction line within each unique transaction is assigned a sequential number starting from 1.


  • There must be no blank line number cells.
  • There must not be duplicate line numbers for any unique entry.

Entry ID (entry_id)

Any identifer that is unique to each journal entry - does not have to be sequential.


  • If tagged, this is used to group transactions.
  • If Entry Number and Entry ID are not tagged, each transaction is assigned a random unique identifier.


There must be no blank entry ID cells.