Add a query question

A query question is a request or an inquiry directed to the entity contacts. A query question must be part of a question set. You cannot add a standalone question in the document.

To add a query question:

  1. Go to the question set where you want to add a question.

  2. Select Add () and add one or more response types .

    A new query question is added in the document with a default body text New Query Question.

  3. Select the default body text to change it. Once you select the text field, the formatting toolbar and the Cancel/Ok buttons () display.

    As you type, you can select Cancel () to clear the text field and start over. The text you enter is automatically saved but you can also use the Ok button () to save.

    You can use the formatting toolbar to make the following changes:

Toolbar icon


Bold, italicize or underline selected text.

Add a bullet or number list.

Indent selected text or paragraph.

Align selected text or paragraph.

Add a table.

Insert a reference to a visible or hidden document in the engagement file.

Add or remove a link.

Add data links.

Remove all formatting for a selected text or a paragraph and revert to the default.

You can also select the Summary field above the text to enter a short description for the query question. Once you enter a summary for the question, it shows in the left navigation panel by default as the question locator. If the Summary field is empty, the question body text shows in the left panel instead.

Note: We recommend that you always enter a summary for questions to easily locate questions in the left navigation panel.

  1. If you've added a File Upload response type, you can set up a few more options:

    1. Select the () button at the bottom of the upload box.

    2. In the File response settings dialog, select a target folder or placeholder location, an identifier and a name for the uploaded file.

  2. Once you're done, select Save.