Firm settings - Integration

API Settings

Integrate Cloud with external applications using API clients. You can create a maximum of 50 API clients for your firm. We recommend integrating one application per API client.

Client information from integrated applications is automatically updated in Cloud through the use of API tokens. API tokens are used by firm developers to authenticate the integration process.

To create a new API client:

  1. Ensure you have the Admin role or equivalent permissions.

  2. From the Cloud menu (), select Settings | Integration | API Settings.

  3. In the Client Alias field, enter an identifying name for the API client, such as the name of the external application you are integrating.

  4. Select Generate Client.

    Details of the new API client display.

  5. Ensure you copy the client ID and secret to a text document for later use. The client secret will not be displayed again. Select Close.

  6. The API client is created.

    • Edit: Change the client alias.
    • Delete: Delete the API client.
    • Reset Client Secret: Generate a new client secret. We recommend resetting the secret after regular intervals for security purposes. Note that you’ll need to update any external applications that were using the previous secret.
  7. Provide the API client ID and secret to your firm’s developers so that they can generate the API token.