What's new - OnPoint PCR 20.8.0

Financial statements customization

In order to create a more efficient workflow, procedures related to financial statement customization have been moved from the Financial Statement Optimizer section in the 1-110 Engagement Setup checklist to a new checklist, 3-100 Financial Statement Setup. Note that procedures related to financial statements that affect engagement letters remain in the 1-110 Engagement Setup document.

The 3-100 Financial Statements Setup checklist.

Simple electronic signature

To support scenarios where clients are required to sign documents or accept certain terms during the engagement, a new response type Simple Electronic Signature is now available in queries.

Simple Electronic Signature provides a paperless, secure and more efficient method for signing documents. Once you send the query to clients, they can sign the document or agree to terms with a single tap or button click. Note that clients will still have the option to manually sign and upload the documents.

A query with the Simple Electronic Signature response type.

If clients choose to accept the document electronically, a signature log is generated and available for download. The log includes the following information:

  • Query question details

  • Signer name and email

  • Signer location (if the clients have chosen to enable location access)

  • Signer IP Address

  • Signature date

  • Document name

  • Document MD5 hash

To learn more, see Staff-Contact collaboration (Queries).

Documents page updates

The following updates have been made to the Documents page:

  • The Financial Statements and Wrap-up phase has been renamed to Financial Statements and Completion and the folders within it have been reordered to more accurately reflect the workflow of this phase. In order to align with this change, the Wrap-up folder and documents within it have also been renamed.

    The Financial Statements and Completion phase.

  • A link to the Imports tab in the Data page has been added to the Documents page to make it easier to import trial balance data.

    The Documents page now includes a link to the Data page.

Final documents query

A new query, 3-300 Final documents (Query to Client), has been added to facilitate sending final documents to the client.

The 3-300 Final documents (Query to Client) query.

Tax export

The tax export feature has been revised to improve mapping of trial balance groups to tax forms and lines, as well as to incorporate changes to the trial balance grouping structure.