Einen Entwurf veröffentlichen

After you customize your draft template, you can review and publish it. When you publish a draft, it becomes the current firm template and applies to new engagements.

To publish a draft:

  1. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie über die Rolle Einstellungen-Administrator oder gleichwertige Rechte verfügen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in Vorgegebene Rollen und Zugriffsrollen zuweisen.

  2. From the Cloud menu (), select Settings () | <your product name> | Manage Template.

  3. Select Publish Template.

    The published template is automatically added to the archived templates list. The template version and publish date display in the list.

    Note: Once a template is published, it cannot be deleted. You can however revert to an older version.

The options available to you on the Manage Template page are Use Default and Create Draft.

Select Use Default if you want to use the product template instead of having a custom firm template.

Select Create Draft if you want to start a new draft then, select Open Draft to start customizing it.