About CaseWare Working Papers and CaseWare Cloud integration

This feature is only available with CaseWare Working Papers.

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Integrating Working Papers with Cloud expands the functionality of Working Papers to include Cloud specific features and apps. This integrated environment allows you to easily store and manage your engagement files, improve collaboration between staff and clients and track the progress of your engagement from Working Papers by utilizing Cloud functionality.

Note: Cloud firm authors must perform the necessary setup in the firm template to allow Working Papers users to directly pull documents provided by clients into their file.


  • Share documents with clients and colleagues

  • Request information from clients by integrating Working Papers with the Queries app (note that Queries may have a different product name in your region)

Engagement management:

  • Publish engagement files from Working Papers to Cloud entities

  • Create sync copies from published Cloud files and work on them in Working Papers

  • Back up previous engagement files and store them on Cloud for archival purposes

  • Perform tests on a file's working trial balance and generate detailed reports with the AnalyticsAI app

Engagement tracking:

  • Synchronize metadata, such as engagement properties, deliverables and their due dates between the engagement file and a Cloud entity

  • Populate dashboards with synchronized metadata to visualize the progress of your engagement