Working Papers-Cloud integration

This feature is only available with CaseWare Working Papers.

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As a Working Papers user, you gain access to additional functionality when you integrate your file with CaseWare Cloud. Cloud can act as a file management and storage center, provide expanded options to track and complete your engagement, directly pull Provided By Clients (PBC) documents from queries and more.

Note: Cloud firm authors must perform the necessary setup in the firm template to allow Working Papers users to directly pull documents provided by clients into their file.

Working Papers-Cloud integration.

With Working Papers-Cloud integration, you can:

  • synchronize metadata with the Cloud entity, such as a file's engagement properties. Any changes to the metadata automatically update in the Cloud entity and vice versa.
  • use CaseWare SmartSync to collaborate on client files simultaneously with your team. As you work on a file, your changes synchronize instantly with each online user and their changes synchronize with yours.
  • migrate large quantities of client data securely to CaseWare Cloud. For example migrate entities, staff and Working Papers files.