Add an account or a group in the Data page

In the Data page, you can manually add accounts or groups in the client's trial balance data, if needed. Custom accounts can be added in the Accounts view page or a group view page (Financial Groups, Tax Groups or Prescribed).

Add a group

You can add a custom group in the trial balance data at the Data page.

Note: You can only add custom groups in the FINANCIAL GROUPS group view.

To add a group:

  1. Select the FINANCIAL GROUPS view.

  2. Select Add () | Add group.

  3. At the Group dialog:

    1. Enter a group number at Number.

    2. Enter a group name at Name.

    3. Select the parent group from the existing trial balance groups at Parent Group.

    4. Select a dimension category from the Breakdown by dimension drop-down.

      Note: Dimensions are only available if they have been enabled in your product.

  4. Select Save.

The new group is added to the trial balance listed under the selected parent group. You can now assign accounts to it.

To modify the group name and its parent group, select the Edit icon () to launch the Group dialog. In the Group dialog, you can also delete a group be selecting Delete.

Add an account

At the Data page, you can add a custom account in the trial balance data in the Accounts view or any of the group views.

To add an account:

  1. Select Accounts tab.

  2. You can also select FINANCIAL GROUPS to add an account in the Financial grouping.

    Note: You can also select TAX GROUPS and PRESCRIBED GROUPS, if they're enabled in your product.

  3. Select Add () | Add account.

  4. At the Account dialog:

    1. Enter the account number at Number.

    2. Enter the account name at Name.

    3. Select the Parent group drop-down to assign the account to a Financial group.

      Based on your product setup, extra parent group drop-downs can be available. For example, Parent group - Tax Code, Parent group - Chart of Accounts and Parent group - GIFI.

      Note: If you assign an account to a group that's linked to another group, it's automatically assigned to the linked group as well.

    4. Enter the current year balance at Prelim.

    5. Enter the prior year balance at Previous.

  5. Select Save.

To modify account information, select the Edit icon () to launch the Account dialog. You can also delete an account be selecting Delete.

Edit account properties.