What's new - Caseware ReviewComp Spring 2024 (v1.2898.0)

Here is a list of what's new for the Caseware ReviewComp Spring 2024 release.

Long-term debt worksheet

The Long-term debt worksheet is now available. In addition to automatically pulling balances from your imported data using Caseware Cloud Connector, this form also uses automated formulas to make it easier for you to track your principal and interest payments and long-term debt amounts.

Modify financial group names

You can now modify the names of financial groups from the Data page. Note that when you modify a group name, the name you enter will be used for the group regardless of sign changes and will override the consistent, contrary and inconsistent names of the group. You also have the option to revert changes from the Group properties dialog.

To learn more, see Edit a group name.

Numbered headings for notes and text areas in the financial statements

This release brings plenty of new options to customize numbered headings in the financial statements. The number of heading levels has been increased to five and you can now customize the numbering style of the headings. In addition to these customization options for note headings, you can now also add headings with or without numbering to any text areas in the financial statements.

You can access and customize the numbered heading settings by selecting Numbered Heading Options from the Document settings (

The Numbered Heading Options selection in the Document settings.

In the dialog, you can select whether to enable numbering for your headings, view what the current selected numbering format is and select a new format from the available options.

The Numbered Headings Options dialog with a selection of numbering options.

To learn more, see Customize numbered headings in the financial statements.