Add or remove a link in the procedure description

You can add links to a URL, an email or a phone number.

To add a link:

Select Add link () and enter the following information in the Link Info tab:

  • Display Text - the selected text is the default Display text for the link. If you haven't selected text, enter the Display Text in this field.

  • Link Type - select a type from the drop-down list. Based on your selection, the dialog displays different sets of fields that you need to specify:

    Link type



    Protocol - select the link protocol (http, https, ftp, news or other)

    URL - enter the URL

    Link to anchor in the text

    This feature is currently not functional


    E-mail address - enter the email address

    Message Subject - enter a subject for the email message

    Message Body - enter the email message body


    Phone number - enter the phone number

Note that you can also add a link to a specific note in the financial statements. To copy the note URL, navigate to the note in the financial statements and copy the portion of the url beginning with #.

The note URL.

To link to the note, select other as the protocol and enter the note URL in the URL field.

The link dialog.

In the Target tab, select where you want the link target to open. The default is in a new browser window.

You can also enter more information in the Advanced tab. Note that if you add a link to a file download, you can select the Force Download check box in this tab so the file download starts once the user selects the link.

Once you're done, select OK.

To remove a link, select the link text then select Remove Link ().