Modify questions in the client request

Once you have added all the queries you will need for this client request, you can modify each of them to create a framework for the contact to answer your questions.

To modify a query:

There are a few things that you can do to modify queries in your client requests:

  • Add a summary - Select the summary field above the description field to enter a name or a short description for the query.

  • Change the response type - Select the more actions icon (), then choose Settings to open the query Settings dialog. You can select a different response type in the settings dialog:

    • Manual - the client will enter information into a text box.

    • Picklist - the client will choose one answer from a list of choices.

    • Multi-Picklist - the client will choose one or more answers from a list of choices.

    • Upload Files - the client will attach a file to the engagement.

      Note: The maximum upload size is 500 MB per file. For a secure file exchange, the system prevents upload of suspicious files, such as: .com, .bat, .exe, .cmd, .sh, .dll, .so, .o, .deb, .msi, .rpm, .ko, .sys, .php, .py, .vbs, .js, .app.

    • Date - the client will select a date from a popup calendar.

    • Entity Information - display information about the client entity.

    • Contact Information - display information about a client contact.

  • Add a description - Select the description field to change the query description. Once you select the field, the formatting toolbar displays. You can use the toolbar to make the following updates:

    Toolbar icon


    Bold, italicize or underline selected text.

    Add a bullet or number list

    Indent selected text or paragraph.

    Align selected text or paragraph.

    Add a table

    Add or remove a link.

    Add data links.

    Remove all formatting for a selected text or a paragraph and revert to the default.