Known issues in CasewareCloud Time

The following known issues affect the current version of CasewareCloud Time.

Errors with removed Time users

If you're logged in and have your Time access revoked by an administrator, you'll receive multiple error messages when you attempt to access Time.

Invoices exported to QuickBooks Online can be assigned inactive taxes

During the export process, invoices can be incorrectly assigned inactive taxes. To work around this issue, you can manually select a new tax in QuickBooks Online for each affected invoice.

Data retrieval error after changing Xero account

A data retrieval error occurs when you unlink a Xero account from Time and then link to a different account. Refreshing the page does not resolve the error. To work around this issue, you can manage organizations directly in your Xero account instead of linking to a new account. The ability to change the Xero account you have linked to Time is currently unavailable.

Cannot export new invoices to linked Xero account

Attempting to export a new invoice to Xero will fail if the account was linked prior to August 2021.

Solution: Relink your Xero account. In Xero, select Settings | Connected Apps. Next to the Caseware ImportHub app, select Disconnect. In Caseware Cloud, select the Cloud menu () | Settings | Time | Accounting Software Integration, then select Unlink Xero. Afterwards, select Link to Xero and sign in with your account.

"User Name must be unique" error when creating new Contacts

If any existing contacts in a Cloud-integrated Time Desktop file are missing an email address, the "User Name must be unique" error displays when creating a new contact. As a temporary workaround, you can enter 'placeholder' email addresses to bypass this error.