What is Caseware ReviewComp?

Caseware ReviewComp (ReviewComp) is a cloud-based solution for small and mid-sized Canadian firms that streamlines Review, Compilation and Professional accounting services engagements with automated processes, real-time collaboration and value-added insight. It features a guided workflow that's tailored based on the type of engagement being performed.

Documents and content automatically populate in the engagement file based on the responses provided in checklists and the client's financial data. Engagement team members and other stakeholders can modify the checklists and add additional steps, if needed. For each engagement type, the predefined checklist procedures meet the requirements of the relevant regulatory standards.

As you work through the engagement, you can assign tasks and document requests to client contacts and staff members, all without leaving the interface.

Caseware ReviewComp's content and workflows follow CPA's PEG guidelines.

What are Professional accounting services?

Professional accounting services are the ad hoc engagements your firm provides that fall outside the scope of a compilation engagement. Under the Canadian Standard for Related Services (CSRS) 4200, Compilation Engagements, practitioners are no longer required to perform a compilation when engaged in ad hoc services such as bookkeeping, tax or non-attest services such as preparing financial information based on information provided by management.

The Professional accounting services engagement type unlocks all the features and functionality designed to enhance productivity by using integrated automation and secure workflow processes.

Through the use of Caseware ReviewComp, your firm can optimize efficiency by performing multiple engagement types all from one platform.

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Download the below PDFs to learn more about PEG guidelines.