Integrate single sign-on with Azure AD

Before you integrate single sign-on with Azure AD, ensure that:

  • You enable single sign-on for your firm.

  • Staff members in Azure AD are integrated through Microsoft Office 365. Once you integrate single sign-on, staff members will use their Office 365 email address to log in to Cloud. Users with guest accounts in your directory will also be able to use SSO.

    Note: Azure usernames are not email addresses and cannot be used to log in to Cloud.

  • Staff members with existing Cloud accounts have updated their Cloud account to use their Office 365 email address. If a staff member uses a different email address for their Cloud account, a duplicate user account will be created for them once you integrate SSO.

We recommend that single sign-on integration is performed by an administrator who is familiar with single sign-on setup in Azure AD.

The integration process is summarized in the following figure.