Customize the content language

At the Format | Content Language tab, you can change the default settings for the language used for the firm's content and deliverables.

To change the default content language settings:

  1. Go to the Content Language tab.

  2. Note: The languages available in this tab are predefined. If your product does not support multiple languages, then one language will be available in this tab.

  3. Change the default language for your firm's engagement files by selecting the Default button.

  4. Clear the Active check box for languages that are not applicable to your firm.

  5. Note: Inactive languages do not display in the Engagement Properties popup.

    How to change the default language for your firm's engagements and deactivate languages that are not applicable.

Note that if you update your firm template with the latest changes from the product template:

  • Your selection for the default language remains and is not overridden.

  • For example, if you've specified English as the default language, then update the firm template, English remains the default language even if the product template has a French as the default language.

  • Your selection for active languages may be overridden.

  • If you've changed an inactive language to active, then update the firm template, your changes are overridden to match the product template.

    For example, if you've made French active in the firm template then update the template, French remains active if it's set to active in the product template and changes to inactive again if it's set to inactive in the product template.