Add text in a letter or memo

Text areas are fields that hold the text content of the letter or a memo.

To add a text area:

  1. Open the document and select Edit ().

  2. Select +Add section | Text Area.

  3. A text field displays in the document with a default title Text Area. You can select the default title to change it. Note this title is not part of the document content.

  4. Select the text field to start adding content to a text area.

The formatting toolbar displays. Use the toolbar to make the following changes:

Toolbar icon


Apply a style to selected text or paragraph.

The default font size for each style is as follows:

  • Paragraph - 11pt

  • Heading 1 - 27pt

  • Heading 2 - 22.5pt

  • Heading 3 - 18pt

  • Heading 4 - 13.5pt

  • Heading 5 - 10.5pt

  • Heading 6 - 9pt

To learn how to customize the font size for headings, see Customize fonts and headings.

Bold, italicize or underline selected text.

Change the color of a selected text or a paragraph or highlight selected text or paragraph.

Note: Changes to the font colour are not applied to placeholders until you replace all placeholders in the document.

Add a bullet or number list

Add visibility conditions to lists.

Indent selected text or paragraph.

Align selected text or paragraph.

Add a horizontal line

Add an image

Add a table

Add a special character in the text section.

Add field placeholders.

Field placeholders are drop-down lists for selecting a staff member or a client contact from Cloud, or a date.

Add text placeholders.

Add or remove a link.

Add data links.

Remove all formatting for a selected text or a paragraph and revert to the default.