Firm settings - System

Error Management

From the Error Management page, you can view a log of all system errors and manage them as appropriate. These error messages provide us with information to help us improve your organization 's experience with Cloud. Use the search bar to filter the displayed errors.

The search bar in the Error Management page

To view more about an error, and to access the error management options, select the error. The error details pane will appear on the right. You can expand the Full Error Message to view the entire text of the error, or select More Actions () to delete the error or mark it as read or unread.

Error message

Site Statistics

The site statistics page reports the amount of space the organization is currently using on Cloud. Navigate to Settings | System | Site Statistics to view this page.

The Site Statistics section of the Settings page.

Number Statistic Description
Current Usage

The amount of space used in terms of gigabytes (GB) of Disk Storage and number of active people.

  • Current Disk Storage is the sum of all organization data stored on Caseware Cloud. This includes:

    • all files uploaded to the server

    • all Working Papers files synced to the server

    • all user-created Cloud objects (e.g. users, entities, roles)

    • all Cloud database data

  • Current Active Staff is the total number of people in your organization using Caseware Cloud. This number excludes Contacts and inactive Staff members.
Peak Usage

The highest (peak) amount of space used for the current month in terms of gigabytes (GB) of Disk Storage and number of active people.

These are the amounts used for billing purposes. Information about pricing can be found on the Caseware Cloud site.

For information about usage limits, contact your Caseware representative or email us at

List of Cloud Items

The number of content items under each of the following categories:

  • Files

  • Activities

  • People

  • Entities

  • Other items (includes Custom Roles, Custom Views, and Core Logs).

Cloud Billing

The Cloud Billing section of the Settings page.

Displays the number of Cloud licenses currently purchased and remaining on your organization 's account, and provides a link to log into your MyCaseware account. For more information, see Manage your firm account in MyCaseware.