Customize the lockdown settings

You can customize how engagement lockdown works in your product. Note that firm authors can also customize these settings in the firm template.

To start, select the Information icon () at the top menu, then choose Settings. The Product Settings dialog opens, where you can view and customize settings if needed.

At Features | Lockdown, the following options are available to allow you to customize the financial statements settings:

  • Restrict unlock to Admins only - If you select this option, only users with an Admin role in Cloud can unlock engagements. Admin users can also temporarily remove the lockdown restrictions to allow non-Admin users to unlock the engagement.

  • Enable target lockdown days - If you enable this option, a number of other options become available to allow you to set target lockdown days.

    • Target lockdown days - In this field enter how many days should elapse before the engagement is locked down and then select whether the number of days should be counted from the Report signing date or the Report release date. Users can set the Report signing date or the Report release date from the Engagement properties popup.

    • Enable system driven automatic lockdown - If you select this option, the engagement will automatically lock once the target date is reached.