Nieuw in Cloud

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 30.0.

Improved onboarding for Cloud

In some regions, settings for dates, times, numbers and monetary amounts are now configured automatically during setup.

Some of the options available on the Regional Settings page.

To learn more, see Landinstellingen.

More versatile Cloud apps

Teams that create Cloud apps now have more options to improve their app, including the ability to display their own product information when users sign in.

Improved SmartSync integration

When integrated with SmartSync, Cloud now manages large quantities of Working Papers files more efficiently.

Account management options for contacts

Contacts can now manage their own account information.

General Improvements

Several improvements have been made for the latest release.


Fixed an issue where the list of available import fields sometimes displayed 'null' for some list items.


Fixed an issue where exported Time Summary reports omitted the first line.


Fixed an issue where dates sometimes displayed incorrectly in exported views.


  • Fixed an issue where entering a very long email signature caused an error.

  • Fixed an issue where filters did not persist when navigating between pages in some situations.

Bekende problemen

One issue has been identified in this release in the entity view. The Move to Google Drive option in the Files section is not functional. Expected functionality for this option will be reviewed and restored in a future release.

The "Move to Google Drive" option in the list in the Files section in the entity view for CaseWare Motors.

As a workaround, users can do the following:

  1. Create a new Google file.

    How to create a Google file (google sheet in this example).

  2. Import the existing file in the newly added file.

    Import the original file that's uploaded in the Files section in the entity into the newly added Google file.