What's new - OnPoint PCR 21.0.0

New Documents page layout

The Documents page has been redesigned for a more efficient workflow, including left pane navigation and progress indicators by phase. Hovering over a phase displays progress details.

Roles and signoff schemes

Custom roles and signoff schemes (a combination of required preparer roles and reviewer roles for a specific document or a group of documents) are now supported in OnPoint PCR. To learn more, see Define signoff roles and Setup signoff schemes.

Nonattest Services Checklist

The 1-130 - Nonattest services checklist is now available under the Acceptance and Planning Phase. You can use this checklist to document independence and the safeguards in place for performing nonattest services.

Previously, this checklist was a downloadable PDF which you had to fill out and reupload to the document manager.

Understanding the Entity Checklist

The 1-150 - Understanding the entity checklist is now available under the Acceptance and Planning Phase. You can use this checklist to document your understanding of the entity for the engagement. Relevant procedure responses are auto-linked to the applicable query questions.

Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector is a Microsoft Office 365 Add-in. that enables real time data linkage between an engagement file and Microsoft Excel. Caseware Cloud Connector is now available and support has been added to OnPoint PCR.

To learn more, see How to get started with Cloud Connector.

Financial Statement Notes Disclosure Library

The following financial statement notes are now available in the disclosure library:

  • Cash

  • Receivables

  • Inventory

  • PE - Vooruitbetaalde kosten (Prepaid Expenses)

  • Goodwill

  • Other Assets

  • Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities

  • Bank Indebtedness

  • Long-term Debt

  • Stockholders’ Equity

  • Significant additions to the notes library for Significant Accounting Policies (SAP)

To learn more, see Add a note from library in the financial statements.


Leadsheets are now available for preparation and compilation engagements. Leadsheets are organized under their respective financial statement area. For example, the 2-115 Cash and Cash Equivalents leadsheet is located in the Fieldwork phase for review and preparation and compilation engagements.

To learn more, see Perform data analysis in OnPoint PCR.

External Links

We have included links to relevant standards throughout the product for quick access to ensure compliance.