What's new - OnPoint PCR 04-2019

Here is a listing of what's new for the April 2019 release of OnPoint PCR.

New financial statements and report interface

  • We've enabled a redesigned user interface for the financial statements and report document. The new design focuses on improving performance, usability, and efficiency. Highlights of the new design include:

    • New styling of review tools.

    • New toolbar design for buttons.

    • Enhanced editing experience, including editing text areas in-line within the financial statements.

  • The redesigned user interface features a navigation pane arranged by primary financial statement and report area (e.g., Cover Page, Table of Contents, Report, Balance Sheet, etc.) that allows you to quickly and easily navigate directly to a specific part of the financial statements and report. Please note, the titles of the financial statement areas in the navigation pane use generic terms; the titles of the financial statements and the report in the printed document reflects the proper titles of the financial statements and report based on your engagement selections (e.g., Accountant's Compilation Report, Statements of Assets and Liabilities Arising from Cash Transactions, etc.).

  • As part of enabling the redesigned user interface, we've moved the guidance previously embedded in the Financial Statements and Report document (3-150) to other documents where earlier decision points affect the output of the financial statements and report.

Permanent file

  • Placeholders have been added to each folder within the Permanent File section of the Documents page and are autofilled upon completion of the PBC Document Requests form.

  • When beginning new engagements, the Permanent File section of the Documents page is now hidden until relevant.

Presentation and disclosure checklist

The checklist has been expanded to include additional presentation and disclosure requirements and guidance from recently issued, or soon to be effective, FASB Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs), including those that permit early adoption. See the Guidance section of the Presentation and Disclosure Checklist Optimizer for additional information about the ASUs included in the checklist.


  • The PBC Document Requests form (2-920) has been enhanced through the addition of individual queries to streamline requesting documentation from clients.

  • For each query added, we've provided a placeholder link to a corresponding folder in the Permanent File section of the Documents page that is automatically filled with the requested documents upon the completion of the query form.

  • The PBC Requests - Review Inquiries form (2-106) has been relocated to the Fieldwork section of the Documents page to better reflect engagement workflow.

Tax export

The Tax Export function has been improved to provide a better user experience and to allow for the export of tax forms by simply selecting the Export button.


To avoid confusion when creating a consolidation engagement, we've added a column showing the file name in the Consolidation Hierarchy search. You can now easily view and select the consolidation file.

Dynamic tables

  • Decimals are now supported in financial statements*.

  • You can now add input rows from the table directly without having to go to edit mode*.

*Only available if enabled in your product.

Beheerder van de kantoorlaag

We've introduced the Use Default button in the firm author template management section which resets the firm template to the default product template.