Oudere versies - Cloud

The following describes the features and improvements made in previous releases CaseWare Cloud (select Help | About to find Cloud's version number).

Nieuw in Cloud

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 30.0.

Improved onboarding for Cloud

In some regions, settings for dates, times, numbers and monetary amounts are now configured automatically during setup.

Some of the options available on the Regional Settings page.

To learn more, see Landinstellingen.

More versatile Cloud apps

Teams that create Cloud apps now have more options to improve their app, including the ability to display their own product information when users sign in.

Improved SmartSync integration

When integrated with SmartSync, Cloud now manages large quantities of Working Papers files more efficiently.

Account management options for contacts

Contacts can now manage their own account information.

General Improvements

Several improvements have been made for the latest release.


Fixed an issue where the list of available import fields sometimes displayed 'null' for some list items.


Fixed an issue where exported Time Summary reports omitted the first line.


Fixed an issue where dates sometimes displayed incorrectly in exported views.


  • Fixed an issue where entering a very long email signature caused an error.

  • Fixed an issue where filters did not persist when navigating between pages in some situations.

Bekende problemen

One issue has been identified in this release in the entity view. The Move to Google Drive option in the Files section is not functional. Expected functionality for this option will be reviewed and restored in a future release.

The "Move to Google Drive" option in the list in the Files section in the entity view for CaseWare Motors.

As a workaround, users can do the following:

  1. Create a new Google file.

    How to create a Google file (google sheet in this example).

  2. Import the existing file in the newly added file.

    Import the original file that's uploaded in the Files section in the entity into the newly added Google file.

Nieuw in Cloud 29.0

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 29.0.

Validation of entity information

Cloud can now determine when some entity fields (such as Business Number) should contain unique information. If duplicate information is found, Cloud will display an appropriate warning. Validation helps ensure that administrators assign unique identifiers when they are required. To learn more about entities, see Entiteiten aanmaken.

More customization options for outgoing emails

Administrators can now include their organization's logo to all outgoing emails and add a unique welcome message to onboarding emails. Including a logo in outgoing email increases trust, and a customized welcome message helps ensure new staff members and contacts get any extra information they need. To learn about system-generated emails, see E-mailinstellingen.

A welcome email to a new staff member with a custom logo and welcome message.

Upgraded sharing options for entities and files

Administrators can now share entities and files in bulk with staff and contact groups. Sharing multiple groups and files at the same time enables administrators to grant permissions to group members more efficiently. To learn more about file and entity sharing, see Bestanden delen met gebruikers en/of groepen and Systeembrede rollen toewijzen.

Better address formatting for entities

When a staff member creates an entity, address fields will now display based on the country of registration selected. This change helps ensure that data submitted to the local tax authority is correctly formatted.

An entity with region-appropriate address fields.

Improved email notifications for file requests

Administrators can now limit the amount of information about entities and Cloud users included in file request notifications to help control access to potentially sensitive data.

General Improvements

Several improvements have been made for the latest release.


  • Fixed an issue where a user with access to a single entity would only receive a warning message when attaching a file to an activity.

  • Fixed an issue where users could not attach files to entities when the entity selector was set to All Entities


  • Fixed an issue where exporting a view from the Staff or Contacts page after a large import of new users could result in duplicate entries being included in the exported CSV file.

  • Fixed an issue where navigating away from the Staff page with the Edit Staff dialog open resulted in an error.


  • Fixed an issue where setting the Start Date or the End Date of an engagement to the distant past or far future could result in a misleading error message.

  • Fixed an issue where the Full Name column was incorrectly labeled in the Create File Request dialog and the Email Activity dialog.

  • Fixed an issue where some exported user data (such as an Entity view) containing special characters displayed incorrectly in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software.

Nieuw in Cloud 28.0

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 28.0.

Improved email notifications for file requests

Email notifications for file requests have been improved. File request emails sent to contacts now include the due date, making it clear when files are needed. Also, Contacts will only be emailed when a file request is created and when they are mentioned in a comment, reducing the number of emails sent. To learn more about file requests, see Een vragenlijst naar de klant versturen (oude layout).

Middle name field now available

A middle name field is now available for staff, contacts and individual entities. More flexibility in naming can allow names to be displayed in the way that users prefer. To learn more about adding staff and contacts, see Maak een account aan voor medewerkers of contactpersonen.

The Add Staff dialog with the First, Middle and Last name fields completed.

Downtime notifications directly in Cloud

Going forward, staff and contacts will be notified in advance about scheduled downtime. Notifications will appear on both he sign-in page and in the Cloud interface. Maintenance notifications will continue to be improved in future releases.

General Improvements

Several improvements have been made for the latest release.


Fixed an issue where emailing an activity to all assigned contacts resulted in an error.


Activating users in bulk now displays a warning if the number of available licenses is insufficient.


Email encoding was changed to resolve delivery issues reported by some email providers.


  • Fixed an issue where some files failed to appear in the Q Overview view after selecting links in the What's Happening section of the Q app.

  • Fixed an issue where the Folders pane was hidden unexpectedly after selecting All Entities or Subscribed Entities in the Entity selector.


Fixed an issue where attempting to navigate away from the Regional Settings page always produced a warning about unsaved changes, even when no changes had been made.


Fixed an issue where the Entities gadget did not update properly after selecting All Entities or Subscribed Entities in the Entity selector.


Fixed an issue where importing 95 entities or more from a CSV file resulted in an error.

Mijn Instellingen

Fixed an issue where a user could receive an error when confirming a new account password even if the password was entered correctly.


Fixed an issue where column headers in custom views were not translated.

Nieuw in Cloud 27.0

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 27.0.

Improved engagement management

Working Papers 2018 users can now view key engagement metrics directly on the Engagement page. Using Cloud, staff can monitor metrics - including document status, issues, deliverable dates, adjusting entries and more - across multiple engagements simultaneously.

Working Papers engagement metadata

Staff can now create time entries from the Engagement page, making recording billable hours faster. After creating entries, staff can monitor their progress by comparing actual time spent to the amount budgeted.

The New Time Entry button

Maak mappen zichtbaar voor contactpersonen

Staff can now make new or existing folders on the Files page visible to contacts, improving collaboration by offering an organized structure for storing and sharing files.

The Edit Folder dialog

Backup codes for two-factor authentication

Staff and contacts can now generate single-use backup codes. Backup codes allow users to sign in using two-factor authentication when a mobile phone is unavailable.

Back-upcodes aanmaken in Mijn Instellingen

General improvements

Several improvements have been made for the latest release.

Engagements preview

  • Fixed an issue where chart labels were misaligned when using Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed an issue where the Staff Hours chart and the Billing chart did not display correctly if the staff hours budget was exceeded.


Fixed an issue where renaming a file from Google Drive did not rename the associated file in Cloud.

Working Papers

Fixed an issue where uploading a large Working Papers file with Amazon S3 enabled could fail.

Cloud 26.0

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 26.0.

Two-factor authentication

Let op: De twee-factor-authenticatie met SMS is op het moment gratis beschikbaar om te testen. In een toekomstige release zal ons ontwikkelteam nog een tweede manier van twee-factor-authenticatie toevoegen. Dit wordt een methode die werkt op mobiele apparaten. Het gaat geen gebruik maken van SMS en kan gratis gebruikt worden. Als deze tweede methode beschikbaar komt kan het zijn dat er extra kosten zijn verbonden aan het gebruik van twee-factor-authenticatie via SMS.

Let op: Als medewerkers Working Papers aan Cloud gekoppeld hebben wordt de twee-factor-authenticatie alleen ondersteund bij gebruik van Working Papers 2017.00.296 of nieuwere versies. Voor medewerkers die een eerdere versie van Working Papers gebruiken moet de beheerder de twee-factor-authenticatie uitschakelen, anders kunnen deze gebruikers zich niet aanmelden.

Administrators can now require staff and contacts to use two-factor authentication when logging in. Enabling two-factor authentication keeps data safe by reducing the risk of data breaches. Staff and contacts can also choose to enable this feature at their own discretion. Voor meer informatie, zie Twee-factor-authenticatie instellen .

The two-factor authentication section of the Authentication and Session Management page.

Streamlined file interface

Engagement files (such as Working Papers and Other Engagements) are now listed separately from other files (such as PDF and CSV). Engagement files no longer display on the Files page. They now display on their individual product page.

Custom filters to views

In Views Management, administrators can now add default filters such as date, tags and workflow to views they create. Adding custom filters to views lets staff and contacts easily find the files they need. Voor meer informatie over het aanmaken van weergaven, zie Standaard weergave aanmaken.

Creating a new Files page view on the Views Management page.

Improved filtering capabilities

Staff and contacts can now filter by multiple selections in a filter category. Filter selections are saved across sessions, ensuring files are easier to find.

The filter drop-down menu on the Files page.

Improved imports for entity fields

Administrators can now map Country of Registration and Organization Type fields when importing a group of entities from a CSV file, increasing the type of entity information that can be imported. New import fields, such as the Taxpayer Identification Number, have been added for individual entity types. To learn more about importing a group of entities, see Creating client entities from a client list.

General improvements

Several improvements have been made for the latest release.


  • Fixed an issue where the Social view on the Activities page would display duplicate activities.

  • Fixed an issue where engagements created through activities could not be assigned to staff.

  • Fixed an issue where .ac_ files could not be downloaded from system activities.


  • Fixed an issue where dates displayed on the Engagements page did not match the dates in the corresponding engagement file.


  • Fixed an issue where the Confirm Entity Change dialog could unexpectedly revert some fields.

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect options could display when editing an entity with the Individual organization type.

  • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to filter entries by the Unassigned organization type.

  • Fixed an issue where the Create Entity dialog did not properly display descriptions for industry codes in Firefox and Chrome.

Cloud 25.0

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 25.0.

Automatic Contact creation for Individual entities

It is now easier to create and manage Individual client entities. Contacts are now automatically added and assigned to the Individual entity during the creation process. You also have the option to create an Individual client entity from an existing contact.

The Create Entity dialog displaying individual entity.

Added Standard Industrial Classification codes

New Standard Industrial Classification codes are available when creating or editing client entities, making it easier to classify entities properly according to their country of registration. The following are included with this update:

  • Australia & New Zealand - ANZSIC

  • European Union - NACE 2008 (Available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch)

  • International - ISIC

  • United Kingdom - UKSIC 2007

A list of available Standard Industrial Classification codes.

Improved entity customization and naming

  • When creating or editing an entity, the Business Number field now changes dynamically based on your selections in the Organization Type field and the Country of Residencefield. This makes it easier to enter relevant information about an entity.

  • Built-in entity field names have been improved:

    • Number in the General Info tab is now Entity Number.

    • Tax Entity Tab is now Time and Billing.

    • SIN in the General Info tab for Individual Organization types is now Taxpayer Identification Number.

  • Updating the First Name, Last Name, or Email (or Username) fields of an individual client entity will now prompt the user to update the corresponding contact and vice versa, helping to prevent inconsistent data entry.

The Update Existing Contact dialog.

Voor meer informatie, zie Entiteiten aanmaken.

Improved navigation for the Activities page

  • On the Timeline page, you can now navigate directly to activities, such as discussions or tasks, helping you stay on top of these updates

  • Manual activities (such as file requests and discussions) have been separated from system activities on the Activities page, making it easier to determine when work is ready to be completed.

The Activities menu.

General improvements

Several improvements have been made for the latest release.


  • Fixed an issue where system activities failed to appear on the Activities page after editing staff or contact accounts.


  • Fixed an issue with Firefox compatibility where links added to a discussion were improperly formatted.

Engagement preview

  • Fixed an issue where calendar language on the Engagement page was determined by operating system settings instead of Cloud user settings.

  • Fixed an issue where text on the Engagements page would sometimes overlap when user language was set to Dutch.


  • Fixed an issue where deleting an entity that contained files would sometimes fail.

  • Fixed an issue where users were not prevented from deleting a Working Papers parent file with child copies.

  • Fixed an issue where custom fields failed to appear when creating an Internal or Other entity.

  • Fixed an issue where exported views from the Entities page would display improperly formatted dates.

  • Fixed an issue where exporting the Detailed view from the Entities page would cause an error.


  • Fixed an issue where selecting multiple files on the Files page would sometimes cause an error.

  • Fixed an issue where downloading a large number of files could cause an error.

Firm settings

  • Fixed an issue where editing a staff member's advanced role on a Working Papers file would remove other role assignments.

  • Fixed an issue where the Entity selector could fail for certain files when using the Advanced Uploader.

  • Fixed an issue where importing users through the Working Papers Firm Settings page would sometimes fail without notification.


  • Fixed an issue where some users with an unpaid app were prevented from accessing the app after a valid app license was assigned.


  • Fixed an issue where a notification email failed to send after a user was assigned a task.

Persoonlijke instellingen

  • Fixed an issue in Personal Settings | Startup Settings where the Select a Dashboard dialog would fail.


  • Fixed an issue where some queries would not display while using the Social view in an SMSF audit file.

Personeel en contactpersonen

  • Fixed an issue where assigning tags to multiple staff members would sometimes fail.

  • Fixed an issue where text would overlap in the Import Staff dialog when user language was set to French.

  • Fixed an issue where Cloud would fail to warn the user when they had exceeded the number of available licenses when activating licenses in bulk.

  • Fixed an issue where a contact would appear to be granted access to an activity when no access was granted.

  • Fixed an issue where filters only applicable to the Staff page were available on the Contact page and vice versa.

Cloud 24.0

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 24.0.

User interface

We've made significant improvements to the Cloud interface.

Welcome page

You will now see a Welcome page when you first log in. The Welcome page contains information to get you up and running faster, with customized content for administrators, staff members and contacts. You can access the Welcome page at any time.

Cloud status

A CaseWare Cloud status page is now available for you to see the availability and status of servers in your region. You can find frequent status updates on issues or maintenance to servers in your region. You can access this page from the Help menu or from the Cloud login page.

CaseWare Cloud status page


We've added a Timeline gadget for use in Cloud dashboards. You can now pull your timeline activities into new dashboards that you create, enabling you to see more information at a glance and better manage your organization's activity in Cloud. For a list of available gadgets, see Lijst van gadgets (Dashboards).

The timeline feature displayed in CaseWare Cloud.

Cloud billing

Per-user license purchasing is now available - buy exactly as many licenses as you need for your organization for apps like Time and Billing.

Additionally, you can now see the number of licenses available to your organization for different Cloud products. As an administrator, you can review your license usage at a glance from the Cloud Billing section of Firm Settings. To learn more, see Beheer uw CaseWare Cloud-licenties.

Reviewing yoru license usage from the Cloud billing system


We've added a Subscription Notification filter to the Activities app. You can select this filter to view only the entity activities and content that you have subscribed to, helping you monitor the activities relevant to your tasks. For more information, see Activiteiten.

Activities - Subscription notification filter


When you want to share a file with another person, you can now only select the Share button if you have selected a security role for the user's profile. This ensures that you will know that the file has been shared and that the staff member or contact can work on the shared content. To learn more about managing files on Cloud, see Bestanden.

Overige opdracht

When you create or edit an Other Engagement, you can now attach existing files from Cloud to it. For example, if your client uploads a TaxPrep file to Cloud, you can now attach that file right when you create an Other Engagement. Additionally, your client contacts can now create Other Engagement files in Cloud. This enables them to take a more direct role in the engagement setup process.

Creat other engagement - Select existing file

You can now set a retention period for Other Engagement files. At the end of the retention period, your online engagement is automatically removed from Cloud. This makes Cloud maintenance much easier, as you will no longer need to manually remove old engagements.


In the Engagements (Beta) page, you can now see if an engagement has any late requests by viewing the Document Status section. This makes it easier for you to manage your engagements, by knowing when to follow up with client contacts.

The Document Status section


When you are importing a list of entities in the Entities app, you can now import information into more fields:

  • Handelsnaam

  • Telefoonnummer

  • Main Address name

  • Main Address phone

  • Main Address fax

  • Alternative address name

  • Alternative address phone

  • Alternative address fax

  • Reporting Framework

To learn more about adding client entities, see Entiteiten aanmaken.


You can now see your staff's position while you are looking at the Summary View on the Staff app.

You can also filter staff members based on their position, ans we've also added an option to filter either staff or contacts by which apps they have access to.

Staff summary view - position column

General improvements

  • Improved error messages when logging in to a disabled firm.

  • Fixed an issue where canceling changes while editing a dashboard would revert views and filters for some dashboard gadgets to their default settings.

  • Fixed an issue where migrating between Cloud versions could prevent certain user accounts from being deleted.

  • Fixed an issue where documents attached to a comment in a limited discussion were visible to all staff instead of the selected staff only.

  • Fixed an issue where contacts accessing a Working Papers file could receive an unexpected error.

  • Fixed an issue where importing multiple contacts with the same first name resulted in an error.

  • Fixed an issue where importing staff could leave a firm without an active administrator account.

  • Fixed an issue where setting a retention period on an engagement could change the engagement type to Uncategorized.

  • Fixed an issue where contacts accessing a Working Papers file could receive an unexpected error.

Cloud 23.0

The following describes the new features, enhancements, and improvements for Cloud 23.0.

New Cloud Help

We have redesigned the Cloud help website. If you have any Cloud help pages bookmarked, you should update those bookmarks.

Cloud Facturatie

You are billed a flat fee per-user based on the number of users who can access Cloud. If you reach your user limit and you need to add more active users, you must first purchase additional licenses.

User Interface

We've made significant changes to the Cloud interface.

  • The Cloud menu is accessible from the top-left corner of the application.

    Cloud Menu icon in the top-left corner

Cloud menu on the on the left side of the page

  • The Cloud menu now slides out from the left side of the page.

  • More commonly-used apps are now grouped near the top of the menu. This will make Cloud easier and more convenient to use.

  • Staff and Contacts are now available as separate apps, replacing the People app. This will make it easier for you to attend to the separate needs of each user group without risk of error.

  • To maximize available workspace, we've adjusted the positions of:

    • the dashboard editor options:

      Old Interface and New Interface of the dashboard editor options

    • the Chat feature:

      Old interface and new interface of the Chat feature


  • When creating or editing a dashboard, you can now filter your gadgets based on specific types of engagements or files. Dashboard users no longer have to manually add filters in order to view relevant content. For example, you can set the Files gadget to only display files assigned the Audit type.

    Option to add Audit type in Filters

Language Settings

  • We have added Spanish as a default language for the Cloud user interface. You can set the default language for the firm on the Firm Settings | Profile page, or you can change your own default language on the login page.

    Default language on the login page

Persoonlijke instellingen

  • You now have much more control over your subscription settings. Your Firm-Wide Subscription Settings let you receive notifications for all entities, discussions, and files you have access to, while Individual Subscription Settings control the notifications you will receive for entities, discussions, and files you have subscribed to. You can access these options from your Personal Settings.

    Firm-Wide Subscription Settings


  • System Activities now records instances of users changing an Other Engagements file or Working Papers engagement's type.


  • When you upload or publish a Working Papers file to Cloud that uses a CaseWare template (for example, Audit International or Financials), the engagement type field is now automatically populated in Cloud.

    Engagement Type in the Edit Working Papers File dialog

  • For added flexibility, you can now filter files by Engagement Type.

    Engagement Type filter

  • You can now enter schedule and budget information on your engagement files. The following fields are available when adding or editing an engagement file:

    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Budget Hours
    • Budget Amount

    Edit Working Papers File - Start Date, End Date, Budget Hours, and Budget Amount


The Engagements (Preview) app has been moved from the Cloud Preview link to the group of commonly-used apps on the Cloud menu. This app offers seniors, managers, and partners new ways to manage workload and view engagement information.

Engagements (Preview) app

The following features have been added to the Engagements app:

  • Schedule and budget information that you enter for engagement files is now displayed on the engagement pane. You can use this information to monitor the status of your engagements.

    Schedule and budget information displayed on the engagement pane

  • You can now select multiple engagements using the checkboxes on the left side of the engagement list. You can then edit or delete them as a group.

    Drop-down menu allowing you to Edit Type, Mark as Unread, or Delete checked items.

  • Engagements are now grouped by their engagement type.


  • You can now subscribe to your favorite entities to prioritize the Cloud content and activities most relevant to you. Notifications can be enabled for subscribed entities and their content, and you can filter content for your subscribed entities in the entity selector.


    You can subscribe to an entity by selecting the gray star icon on the entity selector, or through the Entities app (in the list of entities or the detail pane). The star will turn yellow to indicate you've been subscribed.

    Gray star icon in the entity selector


Time and Expense

  • The Time and Expense apps have been significantly improved:

    • When you edit entries in-line, your changes are saved automatically. The Update All and Cancel buttons have been removed.

    • You can now select multiple entries at once in order to edit or delete them as a group. Only pending entries can be edited.

      Multiple entries selected

    • You can now use the entity selector to view entries for a specific entity or for subscribed entities.

      Search bar for time and expense entries

    • The new search bar and filters make it easier to look for specific time and expense entries.

      Search bar

    • You can now sort time and expense entries by selecting column headings.

      Column headings to sort entries

    • You can now view entries for all staff or for specific staff members more easily.

      Time | Staff | All Staff

    • There are now more built-in options for viewing date ranges.

      Drop-down menu containing options to set Dat, Week, Month, Active Period, and Range

  • The Time and Expense apps have also been updated for users on mobile devices. The user interface has changed and site performance has been improved.

    Updated user interface for users on mobile devices

  • For CaseWare Time users with Cloud integration enabled, the following changes have been made:

    • To streamline the submission process, you can now submit new Time and Expense entries when you create them in Cloud. Select Save and Submit in the new entry dialog.

      Save and Submit

    • You can submit entries from the Time and Expense apps.

      Time and Expense apps

  • For Cloud users who are not integrated with CaseWare Time, you can now assign non-billable time and expense entries to any type of entity (Client, Internal, or Other).

Firm Settings

Email Notifications - Short Hours, Time Pending Entries

You can now enable firm-wide email notifications for Time:

  • Short Hours - remind staff to complete their timesheet from the previous week.

  • Time Pending entries - remind staff to review any pending entries from the previous week that have not yet been accepted.

Administrators can send these emails on demand, or they can set up a weekly email that is automatically delivered by Cloud. For more information, see Send email reminders to finalize entries.


  • The WIP - Engagement detail reports have two new columns:

    • Billed Amount
    • Balance

    WIP Engagment detail report - Billed Amount and Balance

    You can now easily see how much of your firm's work has not yet been billed.

  • The WIP - Engagement summary reports have four new columns:

    • Time Amount
    • Expense Amount
    • Billed Amount
    • Write Up/Down

    WIP Engagement summary report - Time Amount, Expense Amount, Billed Amount, and Write Up/Down

    These columns replace the Outstanding Time Amount and Outstanding Expense Amount columns. You are now able to see a more detailed breakdown of your billing versus your time and expense entries.


  • Various fixes to notifications, including the issue where modifying a task or file resulted in users receiving multiple duplicate notification emails, as well as missing notifications for changes made to Groups and Working Papers files.

  • Cloud will now remember the filters you've applied to the People and Entity apps after you browse away and return to the apps.

  • An issue where Advanced Roles for Working Papers security were not appearing in the Share dialog has been fixed.

  • Issues with creating and downloading SharePoint documents from Cloud have been fixed.