Integrate an engagement file with a Cloud entity

In Cloud, each client's information — such as engagement properties, address and contact information — is stored in their own entity. When you integrate a Working Papers engagement file with an entity, it will automatically populate the file with the information from Cloud.

To integrate an engagement file with a Cloud entity:

  1. In Working Papers, open the engagement file that you want to integrate with a Cloud entity.

  2. On the ribbon, click Engagement | Engagement Properties.

  3. On the Name/Address tab, click the Cloud Entity field. Enter the name of the entity or click the drop-down menu and select New to create a new entity.

  4. Client information from the Cloud entity populates the engagement's properties automatically. Click OK.

The engagement file is integrated with the Cloud entity. If you need to modify the engagement properties, select Automatically sync engagement properties with the Cloud Entity and make your changes in either the dialog or the Cloud entity.