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CaseWare RCT is compliant with CPA Canada PEG guidelines.

To get the latest compliance content in your engagement files, update your template to the latest version of RCT. For more information, see Update the firm template.

CaseWare Tax forms automatically include the latest compliance content and don’t require a template update to use the most recent forms.

The following provides a summary of the release updates for CaseWare RCT.

Wijzigingen eind 2021

Releasedatum Versie Updates
October 28, 2021 v1.2009.0 New features, enhancements and fixes added. To learn more, see What’s New.
2 september 2020 v1.1993.0

Nieuwe features voor de release eind 2021 toegevoegd.

Wijzigingen begin 2021

Releasedatum Versie Updates
August 19, 2021 v1.1972.0
August 4, 2021 v1.1929.0
  • Instructions to include financial statements in PDF format when NetFiling Quebec tax returns - following Revenu Quebec’s latest requirement.

  • Fix to NetFiling Quebec (CO-17) tax returns to resolve technical errors. To learn more, see Fixes.

July 13, 2021 v1.1929.0

New features and enhancements. To learn more, see What's New.

June 24, 2021 v1.1929.0
  • New Quebec (CO-17) corporate tax certification.

  • Renamed the “Combined Statement of Income and Retained earnings” to the “Statement of Income and Retained earnings”.

  • Minor fix to the Amortization method and rates note. To learn more, see What's New.

May 20, 2021 v1.1912.0 As of May 15, 2021, you can no longer file the Ontario Corporations Information Act annual returns (forms T2SCH546, T2SCH547 and T2SCH548) with the Canada Revenue Agency. To learn more, see the Ontario Business Registry.
Mei 2021 v1.1912.0 Nieuwe features voor de release begin 2021 toegevoegd.

Winter 2020 changes

Releasedatum Versie Updates
March 25, 2021 v1.1881.0

Minor fixes to the 010 Planning optimiser, 350 Management representation letter, AFR – AutoFill Worksheet and 6-20 Financial statements (Statement of Owners' equity) documents.

March 11, 2021 v1.1845.0

Transfer note disclosures to a tax form added.

December 2020 v1.1845.0 Nieuwe features voor de release begin 2020 toegevoegd.

Wijzigingen eind 2020

Releasedatum Versie Updates
September 2020 v1.1680.0

Enclosure letter for tax engagement added.

Nieuwe features voor de release eind 2020 toegevoegd.

Wijzigingen begin 2020

Releasedatum Versie Updates
May 2020 v1.1628.0

Support of the new CSRS 4200 standard. To learn more, see Implement the 4200 Compilation standards.

Nieuwe features voor de release begin 2020 toegevoegd.

Winter 2019 changes

Releasedatum Versie Updates
February 2020 v1.1508

Additional questions in the 6-15 Financial statement optimiser document.

January 2020 v1.329
  • Added the CPA Canada content for Bookkeeping services engagement letters
  • Added a sample engagement letter for Corporation Tax engagement workflow

New features for the Winter 2019 release added.

Fall 2019 changes

Releasedatum Versie Updates
May 2019 v1.1175

Implemented the 2019 CPA Canada content updates for Review and Compilation engagements, following the alternative review engagement forms.

Nieuwe features voor de release eind 2019 toegevoegd.