Fiscale gegevens importeren

Deze opties zijn beschikbaar in Caseware Samenstel+.

If your firm has already imported the client's trial balance data as part of a Compilation or Review engagement for this client, the data will already be available for use in your tax forms. Otherwise, you'll need to perform the import yourself.

Caseware ReviewCompTax offers a variety of options for importing client data. You can access all import options from within any Tax form by selecting Import.

Import from GIFI

Select this option if you have a file in .gfi format containing the client's GIFI data. In your open RCT tax document, select Import | GIFI, then browse the .gfi file on your computer and select Open.

Import from TaxPrep

Select this option if you have a .CSV format output file exported from TaxPrep. If you're unsure how to export a .CSV file from TaxPrep, follow the instructions below.

To export a .CSV file from TaxPrep:

  1. Open the client file in TaxPrep.

  2. Perform a Roll Forward.

  3. Select File | Export Tax Return....

  4. Make sure the File Type is set to .csv, then select OK.

  5. Enter a file name and path, then select Save.

In your open RCT tax document, select Import | TaxPrep CSV and browse for the exported file. Select Open to perform the import.

Import from the CRA

If your client is registered for the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)'s T2 Auto-fill program, you can import the engagement's tax data automatically based on the client's previously filed returns.

To transfer tax engagement data from the CRA:

  1. In any open CRT Tax document, select Import | T2 Auto-fill.

    Let op: The AFR - AutoFill Worksheet includes a T2 Auto-fill button. You can select the button instead of using the Import menu.

  2. Select Yes in the prompt that follows.

  3. The CRA website opens in a new browser tab. Log into your CRA account using your credentials. On the request confirmation page, select Next.

  4. Select the data types you want to import into your engagement, then select Download.

  5. You will be asked to compare the values from the CRA against the existing values that have already been entered for the fields, if any. The CRA values are displayed in the left column, while the engagement's current values are displayed on the right. For each line, select the checkbox on the right to use the CRA value. To use the CRA values for all lines, select the large checkbox at the top of the modal. When you're done, select Transfer.

  6. The values are transferred to your engagement and a confirmation modal is displayed. Select 5 Year History to review the historical data, or select Close.

    From here, you can go into the AFR - AutoFill worksheet (under the Worksheets folder in Documents) to review the auto-fill data that was transferred. This document is accessible once you click Yes to the question Is the corporation inactive in the Tax Optimiser Checklist.

The CRA-provided data is imported into your engagement.

Importeren vanuit Caseware Working Papers

Voor meer informatie, zie Gegevens importeren vanuit Working Papers naar een SAMENSTEL+ opdracht.