Assign API permissions (Azure AD)

Configuring the API permissions will allow Caseware Cloud to read basic information from Microsoft Azure in order to properly authenticate users.

To assign API permissions:

  1. Select Azure Active Directory | App Registrations, then select your app.

  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, select API permissions.

  3. Select Add a permission.

    Select Add a permission.

  4. Select Microsoft Graph.

  5. Select Delegated permissions.

    Select Delegated permissions

  6. Use the checkbox to select the following permissions:

    • Email

    • Openid

    • Profile

    • User.Read

  7. Select Add permissions.

  8. Select Grant admin consent for Default Directory.

  9. Select Yes when prompted, "Do you want to grant consent for the requested permissions for all accounts in Default Directory?"

    The API permissions are successfully configured.

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