Purchase and manage a Caseware Cloud license

To purchase a Caseware Cloud license, visit https://www.caseware.com/contact/ and fill out the information form. You will be contacted by a Caseware representative to complete your purchase.

Purchase additional licenses

Additional Caseware Cloud app licenses can be purchased directly using a self-checkout system in MyCaseware. For every new license you purchase, you will be able to create an additional staff account. For each app license you purchase, an additional user will be able to access that app. For more information on pricing, log in to my.caseware.com and select the Catalog tab.

To make a purchase on MyCaseware:

  1. Ensure you have Admin role or equivalent privileges.

  2. From the MyCaseware menu, select Catalog.

    The licenses available for purchase to you will be displayed.

  3. Add purchases to your cart by clicking on the cloud license you would like to purchase. Choose the Quantity, then select Add To Cart.

  4. To add more purchases to your cart, select Continue Shopping, or select View Cart to checkout and complete the payment process.

Your purchase is complete. The updated licenses you have available will be displayed under the Licenses tab.

Renew a license

Caseware does not store payment information for security reasons. To renew your license, contact our sales team.

Late payments

If payment is not received by the specified date, your account will be locked and any data or files associated with that account will be inaccessible. Once payment is received, the account will be reinstated without data loss.