Add additional Fieldwork Worksheets

Audit International includes Custom Form Worksheets for:

  • Substantive Analytical Procedures

  • Substantive Sampling - Tests of details

  • Sampling - Tests of controls

The predefined worksheets are made available to the user in the following way:

  • Substantive Analytical Procedures: these worksheets are available for all predefined Financial Areas.

  • Substantive Sampling - Tests of details: these worksheets are included for a selection of Financial Areas.

  • Sampling - Tests of controls: these worksheets are included for the predefined Business Cycles.

If you create a new Financial Area and want to add any of these three worksheets, follow these steps:

  • In the Documents page, navigate to the folder where you want to add the Custom form worksheet.

  • Click the add icon (+) located to the right of the folder name.

    Plans and procedures.

  • Select the corresponding Worksheet from the Custom forms section.


  • Provide a document number/identifier and modify the name accordingly in the dialogue.

  • Select save to add the Custom form worksheet to the engagement.