Before purchasing a Caseware Cloud license

If you have questions about how Cloud works, or how it is priced, the resources below should help provide answers before you sign up.

Signing up for a webinar

Caseware regularly hosts free webinars that provide an overview of Cloud's features and benefits. If you're unsure how Cloud would fit into your workflow, or have other questions, these webinars are for you.

To sign up for a webinar, visit

How is pricing determined

Cloud's pricing structure is determined by the number of active users. Purchase any number of user licenses, and add more as you need them. This pricing model means scales to the size of your organization, so you never pay for what you don't need.

What about storage?

File storage is governed by Cloud's Terms of Service. While there are no strict limits on storage space, Caseware Cloud Ltd. reserves the right to at any time to limit the bandwidth, data transfers or storage of users who place an unusually large burden on any of our services.