Review and customize procedure settings

If you want to view or customize the settings for a specific procedure or sub-procedure in the checklist, open the document and select Edit (). Select More actions () | Settings, then select the Override the checklist settings check box.

The following options are available in the Procedure Settings dialog:



Allow sign offs

Select this option to add a signoff () to the procedure.

Allow input notes in procedures

Select this option to add a text box below the response where users can enter notes. You can add a note placeholder in the displayed field.

Allow multiple rows

Select this option to allow users to provide more than one response for the procedure. This option enables the +Row button in the procedure.

Customize procedure settings - allow multiple rows

Note: If your procedure has more than one response, selecting this setting will automatically display your responses in a table beneath the procedure. The response placeholder labels are displayed in the header row.

Response sets

Select +Response to add a response type.

Select Remove () to remove a response.

Select Edit () to edit a response.

Show responses beneath procedure

Select this option to display the responses below the procedure.

Once you're done, select Save.